Bad Girls in PBC


We got five more Busted websites in the county. We got some bad girls who don’t look half bad.

Lake Worth Busted – We try to stay out of Lake Worth, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Jessica Wilkerson – Prositution

Kellyann Hernandez

Kellyann Hernandez – DWLS

West Palm Beach Busted – Might be the worst hell hole in the county.

Michael Barnett – Aggravated Assault

Judy Munoz – Larceny

Malcolm Spaulding – Sexual Assault

Riviera Beach Busted – Even the cops get arrested in RB. Stay outta town if you can.

Taquan McClendon – Robbery

Robert Key – Homicide

Boynton Beach Busted – It’s not just old people, and there’s definitely some hotties.


Ariela Mintka – Sex and Drugs


Jessica Erb – Sex Offense

Delray Busted – Heroin central, especially east. When they run out of coke anyway.

Jessica Russell – Heroin

Juliet Robinson – Cocaine